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Kobayashi Naoya Translation Office is a company specialized in medical translation services (from English to Japanese and Japanese to English). Earning your trust is our number one priority and we have tried our best to provide you with the translated documents as early as possible to satisfy your business needs.

We have provided a wide variety of translation services: Review reports, CTD (quality, nonclinical, clinical) documents including clinical study protocols, clinical study reports, informed consent forms and related documents, package inserts, medical papers, standard operating procedures (SOPs), documents on medical devices and instruments, presentation documents, newspaper articles, press releases, business documents, etc.

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Company profile:
Kobayashi Naoya Translation Office
has provided high-quality translation services meeting our client needs since 2005. Our specialty is the translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. Our J/E translation services are highly acclaimed by our clients for quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Naoya Kobayashi

Born in Nagano.
Graduated from Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English Language and Studies, Sophia University.

When he was an undergraduate, he worked for a semiconductor manufacturer as a translator for the first time. He dealt with a wide range of documents including specifications, manuals, business documents, and ISO-related documents and realized the importance of specialty and building up translation skills. Then, after completing medical translation courses, he began to translate medical/pharmaceutical documents (E/J, J/E) and work as a freelance translator.

A member of Japan Translation Federation (JTF)

A member of Kokubunji City Society of Commerce and Industry

For enhanced quality assurance, experienced Japanese and American checkers cooperate with our company in reviewing translations.

Medical specialists (clinician, clinical laboratory technician, and pharmacist) can also give feedback to us from a technical point of view.

<What We Can Do For You>
Our area of expertise is medical/pharmaceutical translation (English ⇔Japanese).

We can also translate documents in other fields (i.e. business, industry).
For all requests, you can receive double-check services and a checker whose mother tongue is English can offer proofreading services at your request.